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Doing small, fun projects

Airplane on Train, Natalia Goncharova

Last year, I gave a keynote at RStudio Conf where I encouraged people to fight the ennui of pandemic life and the boxed-in social platforms we operate on by building up their digital gardens.

I gave a few smaller examples of ways to do that, and now I have another one: building fun Streamlit apps.

Last year, I built a Streamlit app that did natural language processing to generate thinkpieces.

This year, I had another excuse to do a small fun thing: A few days ago, John Nelson started riffing on the survivorship bias airplane that we see so often it’s become a data science meme, and wrote some awesome code that separates the plane and the surface area of the dots and generates random dot configurations:

I decided to riff on that and make a plane that you can customize:

Here it is in Streamlit, and here is the code if you want to riff on it.